Host your own murder mystery on the dance floor

Saturday night fever just got deadly! A sense of panic fills the room as a scream interrupts the music at Boogieland 77, the glitziest club in New York. Eyes dart around the room and you realise there’s more than just killer dancemoves amongst you.

This host your own murder mystery game kit make the perfect addition to a 70s themed dinner party or a games night with friends. Can you and your guests piece together the evidence and solve the clues to work out whodunnit? Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, 13x Name Badges, 12x Character Cards, 12x Secret Trait Cards, 12x Round One Cards, 12x Challenge Cards, 9x Murder Weapon Props, 3x Solution Sheets & Envelopes, 3x Sets of Round Two Cards, 3 Sets of Round Three Cards, 3x Award Trophies, 1x Evidence File, 1x Detective Notepad and 1x Accusation & Voting Pad Recommended for age 16+ and 5-12 players.

For the Host: Online Invite for each character HERE Gameplay instructions HERE How to play this ‘Murder Mystery on the Dancefloor Game’: We’ve included everything you could need to set the scene and solve this groovy murder.

Before you play, send out invites to your guests, giving them time to arrive in their best 70s costume with props to hint at their character.

Set out the place cards, props, weapons and clues to transform your home into the nightclub crime scene and prepare for the investigation.

The host reads out the welcome speech to introduce the characters and unfold the story. There is a specific character for the host to play; Sammy C Quinn (the host is not a suspect but still a participant) and the victim is not one of your guests – the instruction booklet provides more detail. We’ve even included awards for the best costume, acting and detective, so be sure to get into character and encourage everyone to get involved with the gameplay.


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