New Zealand Backyard Birds

‘New Zealand’s Backyard Birds’ is an engaging guide for children on the birds that live in their backyard. Most of the birds we see and hear in our daily lives are those that live alongside us in our own backyards. Some of these might be native birds, such as the tui, korimako/bellbird, kereru and piwakawaka/fantail. But just as likely they will be common birds brought by the early settlers from Europe, such as the thrush, blackbird, sparrow and starling . ‘New Zealand’s Backyard Birds’, a sister publication to the hugely popular book about our insects, ‘New Zealand’s Backyard Beasts’, brings to life our most accessible wildlife, with details on the different birds we are likely to see around our homes, and also with useful background information about birds in general. It is the latest book from leading author and illustrator, Ned Barraud, and will be an essential companion for every Kiwi child.


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