There’s no such thing as She’ll be right

Ray Stone Performance Consultant There’s No Such Thing As She’ll Be Right

The Nuvolari Alfa Romeo P3; the ex-Stirling Moss Maserati 250F; Paul Fahey’s Lotus Cortina, Shelby Mustang and ‘giant killer’ Escort FVA/FVC – Ray Stone’s place in New Zealand motorsport history is unequalled. And that’s only part of the story. Ray was a pivotal figure at the top level of New Zealand motor racing for 30 years, as a mechanic and team manager working with national and international circuit and rally drivers that were household names.

A modest man who earned the respect of all who knew him and many who didn’t, his one-time job title of Performance Consultant was especially apt as many other high performers credit Ray for at least part of their success.

A thinker, an innovator and a perfectionist driven to excel at whatever he does, for Ray Stone there’s no such thing as the good old Kiwi saying, “She’ll be right.” This 474 page book charts his life and is required reading for anyone with an interest in New Zealand motorsport history.


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